Golden Oldies Soccer


With most players who were overseas, slowly returning, we are facing reality when it comes to aging.  A few have given up on playing, whether temporarily or for good, we have to see as with the summer approaching, it will not become easier for the oldies, but we have some 20 and 40 year younger Armenians and our sons to keep the numbers up. With eight of our old team, we attended the State Funeral of Les Murray in St Mary's cathedral, where his brother Bandi read the eulogy. The televised service was quite impressive, and again Bandi our condolences from our Golden Oldies Group, who think you did a great job. Only months after that another well-known Sydney soccer commentator Michael Cockrell passed away at only 56 years of age.  To me that was a shock as I played with Michael in the Mosman Premiers Reserve side when I was their Premiers player coach in 1986.  These memories are keeping our mortality alive and the longer we can kick that ball instead of the bucket, we are doing alright. On Sunday 17th September, Pino organised our annual rematch (on a full pitch with big goals) against the Turks from Liverpool, who are some 20 years our junior and who play competitively and even train weekly.  Thanks to our 3 fast sons up front, we took the lead in the first half, but in the second half, apart from Minos who did a great job as sweeper, our other defenders were too tired to stop the onslaught, while with a shaky goalie like myself, we lost the advantage and ended in a 5-5 draw.  A pity, but overall it was not a bad result in a fairly even game on a beautiful day.  After bruises for falling in stone hard goal areas, I for one am happy to play again our small field and small goals game again when we can pace ourselves if we need the breather without having these marauding Turks on our backs.  So guys, it is safe to return to the pitch again, and we look forward to see you all back. Our end of the year Golden Oldies Dinner Dance is approaching fast.  Please pencil in that special night and start rallying your friends and relatives for a great night with a great band and great food, drinks and raffle prizes.  See you all there in the best of spirits, forgive my pun.

Pim Ravestijn (Captain)  0407-021-669