Golden Oldies Soccer


Happy New Year to our Golden Oldies and to Committee and members of the Austrian Club.  I write this from Wallis Island in the South Pacific, where we are with my daughter and her family. 

Before we ended our season, we still had our Golden Oldies Dance, which under the circumstances went fine in terms of revenue, but with too many players missing, we are feeling the pinch of getting older when the younger players are NOT joining us on these evenings.  Our Christmas Drinks after our last game was similar with ten members joining us, of which three were players.  We actually did NOT play as too many were unavailable due to holidays etc.  Over the last weeks we also missed quite a few games due to poor weather conditions.  Let us hope that 2019 will be kind to us all in terms of our health, increasing members and decreasing injuries.  It remains for me to thank Graeme Smith for printing this in the Kurier and also wishing you all a Happy New Year from me and my family at Wallis and Futuna. Hope to see you all again at the Pitch or at the Club in late January. 

Pim Ravestijn (Captain)  0407-021-669