Golden Oldies Soccer


From the Golden Oldies and their close “supporters”, we wish the Committee and members and their families a great Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year.  For our elderly, who still try to play, we hope you get some new titanium knees or hips in your Christmas stocking as it not only helps to chase the ball, but it may also help to push your partners’ wheel chairs. 

At the moment we play at the absolute skeleton team numbers, but at this time of the year, there are too many parties and holidays to turn up at 10 am on Sunday morning, but most say they’ll be there again in January to run and play off the extra kilos. 

Good idea, just do a bit of stretching and warming up before we have to carry you off.  We all look forward to seeing you at our Xmas and New Year drinks on 31 December, but most of all we look forward to see you all on the pitch again.

See you at the pitch or at the Austrian Club, Kind regards 

Pim Ravestijn (Captain)  0407-021-669