Golden Oldies Soccer


For the Golden oldies, I have little and no good news as we have dwindled to too few players to play since the December break.  On top of it after my three weeks holidays I have been another six weeks in hospital, while Tom is just coming out of hospital after having received a new titanium knee in his Christmas stocking, but won’t play for another few weeks.  My son James is working overseas indefinitely i.e. we urgently need new blood. The Dutch arrivals cannot or do not want to play, so Johannes we depend on your rapport with the German speaking community.  Great, thanks, if you can pull it off again.  

Guys and readers of this Kurrier, COVID-19 means we cannot play at the moment but once this is all over, you should realise that not only is this perfect facility, a legacy from our former committee members, who made it for free use by our Austrian Club members, while the Dee Why Council is maintaining the field, which they are charging for use to anyone else. So where can you find a free game every Sunday with an after-game facility like the Austrian Club, but if we don’t use it, we’ll lose it. I am NOT pleading so much for our 70+ members, but our younger members know what they’ll have to pay to be registered and  hope to have a kick every week, if they are lucky. So think about it and let us know. 

Best regards, 

Pim Ravestijn (Captain)  0407-021-669