Golden Oldies Soccer


For the last couple of months, our games were erratic with rain and public holidays interrupted Sundays.  The ones we played were all with skeleton player numbers of 5 or even 4 per team. 

We have a few young German players who joined us, but as most of the Armenian players are not playing because of injuries, our Golden Oldies team is down on its luck with our own playing veterans being even older and are not also available either. 

As long we can keep the numbers up by minimal 8 for 2 teams , i.e.. NOT less than four per team, we keep turning up, which we monitor through our ”whats up” before the Sunday game.  Anyone reading this and who wants a casual 90 minutes game, starting at 10.30, please give me a ring. 

See you at the pitch or at the Austrian Club, Kind regards 

Pim Ravestijn (Captain)  0407-021-669