Golden Oldies Soccer


Other than at Father's Day and one or two rainy days, our Golden Oldies have been active, although with skeleton teams of five each.  While we may be short in numbers, we definitely make up for it in speed and skills because of our mostly younger players.  With Tom and Nandi being overseas, we did well, especially with Nandi being away the last weeks, we managed to get a few wins under our belt.  It is not his titanium knees, as they perform well, but it seems to be more his inability to hear or to comprehend advice.  After his return we'll see what remedy we can find, as we just renewed his contract, so he can NOT retire yet.

Our AGM is coming up again, when we can discuss what we'll do with new ''signings'', though the pickings are slim with our low budget.  Fortunately Johnny, our treasurer, who survived a minor health threat, is back on deck again to manage our high finances well with his ''creative'' accounting skills.  Instead of our traditional Golden Oldies Dinner Dance, we plan to have this time a dinner with our team and our wives or partners.   

Today we played six against six with nine young players.  Unfortunately young Ferdinant goes back to Germany to study.  We wish him well and thank him for playing with us. 
Okay guys , besides my tongue in cheek and banter, as always, we like to see you on the pitch and at the club, and if not, Safe Travels and return safely, as we value your company, irrespective of what we mutter under our breath

See you at the pitch or at the Austrian Club, Kind regards 

Pim Ravestijn (Captain)  0407-021-669