The Austrian Air Rifle Club


 October                                            November

1)         Steve Birrell          398.45          Walter Roth        397.0

2)         Danny Stasenka   388.1            Greg Aghayan    393.3

3)         Hubert Habicht    384.6             Hubert Habicht 360.6

Apologies to the winners in December - scores were not recorded by the Secretary.

It was a busy end to 2017 with plenty of competitions in addition to our regular monthly shoot.  Firstly, Club champion competition had the usual nail-biting shootout between the top three scorers of the night.  Walter Roth held his nerve and gained the title of “Club Champion for 2017”.  Congratulations Walter, excellent shooting!

Secondly, our Schützenkönig/in competition came to an end after months of gathering “bulls”.  The cards submitted were checked and judged for the highest scoring bullseye shot during the year on the special targets.  The Schützenkönig for 2017 is Greg Aghayan.  Check out his plate hanging on our wall of fame in the club.

We also had our annual “fun” shoot late in December.  This competition involves some old rifles that require two fingers to pull the trigger or some real muscle to prime them – phew, hard work.  With these difficulties along with fading eyes trying to align the sights – glasses on, glasses off????  Anyway, it is fun and he or she with the highest score on the night is declared the winner.  It’s a tough competition and really works up a sweat.  On this occasion our Champion Fun Shooter was Alan Price.

We also had a visit from two gentlemen from Firearms Registry to check that our Rifle Range complies with the Shooting Club regulations.  It was a very positive meeting and we passed with flying colours.  A letter was received commending us on our range and the systems we have in place to ensure maximum safety for our shooters at all times.

Shooting will recommence on the first Tuesday in February. 



The air rifle club meets at the Austrian Club Sydney every Tuesday night at 7:30pm.

Interested in the Austrian Air Rifle Club? Please contact Danny Stasenka for details on 9975-3383.