The Austrian Air Rifle Club


 The monthly competition winners are:                       

August                                          September                               October

1) Phil Angilley 395              Phil Angilley 408                   Stephen Birrell 396
2) John Olsen 357                Greg Aghayan 381               Phil Angilley 360
3)                                                                                                              Jim Scott 267

Members of the club have been busy at home and when travelling.  In August Stephen and Kathleen went to the Illawarra championships at the Albion Park Schutzenclub, where minor place trophies were won in the standing rest and rest teams.  Our next outing was to the Luddenham Championships at the Hubertus Club this was even more successful with Kathleen winning rest 3, Steve winning Rest 2 and winning the father, daughter rest 2 teams for 4 golds.  On the home front Phil Angilley won the July, August and September monthly club shoots and Stephen Birrell won the October shoot with Phil coming second - congratulations to both.  See page 7 for a picture of Steve and Phil with their beautiful club glasses. 

Soon there will be a change as rest shooting is becoming extremely popular, and enough scores will have been shot for an effective handicap system.  This will start after Christmas.  For those interested in shooting but perhaps more so for those who may have issues standing in a match, this is a great way to take up or continue your shooting!  It is also a great way for any beginners or those wishing to make a start.  New shooters will always be made welcome in our club, we shoot 7:30 Tuesday nights


The air rifle club meets at the Austrian Club Sydney every Tuesday night at 7:30pm.

Interested in the Austrian Air Rifle Club? Please contact Danny Stasenka for details on 9975-3383.