The Austrian Air Rifle Club


Monthly competition results are: 

           February                                    March                                               April

1 John Reidl          406.3         Eileen Birrell       431.0            Colin Whatman   416.7

2 Kathleen Birrell 400.7      Steve Birrell        388.9            Walter Roth         408.5

3 Alan Price           396.2        Phil Angilley        384.0            Alan Price             396.8 

We have introduced Bench Rest shooting which has become very popular within the Air Rifle Association and so most of our members, being handy with tools, have built their own stand on which to rest the rifle.  This discipline does produce higher scores generally as the shooter is seated with the rifle resting on a platform but perfect scores are still not a given.  It is much more attractive to the new shooter as well - without all the wobbling about, hitting the black happens! 

Cabramatta Championship competition – Father and daughter team Steve and Kathleen Birrell attended Cabramatta comp recently, along with club mate Walter Roth.  The Austrian Air Rifle Club did very well with Steve coming second in C Grade.  He and Kathleen also received individual medals for Rest Grade 2, 1st and 2nd, and a Team medal for Rest Grade 2, 1st place.  What a good day and congratulations to the Birrells. 


The air rifle club meets at the Austrian Club Sydney every Tuesday night at 7:30pm.

Interested in the Austrian Air Rifle Club? Please contact Danny Stasenka for details on 9975-3383.