The Austrian Air Rifle Club


Monthly competition results are:

July                                              August                                        September                       

1. John Riedl           409.5            Eileen Birrell      414.8             John Riedl              393.8

2. Hubert Habicht  401.2            Louise Smith      408.8             Danny Stasenka    393.7

3. Colin Whatman  396.0            Kathleen Birrell 408.5             Steve Birrell          393.4    

Three competitions were held over the past months: 
Firstly, the Tony Kalt Memorial MABROOK ESTATE Anniversary Classic.  This is a handicapped competition with the proud winner being Eileen Birrell.  Her name has been added to our perpetual shield, hanging in our display cabinet.  Eileen and the runners up were very happy to receive a bottle each of Conspiracy wine, donated from the Mabrook Estate. 

The second competition was the SFR medallion shoot with first place going to John Reidl.  John received an engraved medal (see photo below of John and Hubert). 

Our third competition was our Winter Championship and really, to come to shooting on some of those cold blowy nights, one is already a champion.  Our Winter Champion winner for excellent shooting was Hubert Habicht.  Hubert’s name has been added to our beautiful trophy, also in the display cabinet. 

Our AGM was held on 24 September.  I will post an article in the next Kurier regarding outcomes. 
Please feel free to call me if you are interested to try out shooting on a Tuesday evening. 

The air rifle club meets at the Austrian Club Sydney every Tuesday night at 7:30pm.

Interested in the Austrian Air Rifle Club? Please contact Danny Stasenka for details on 9975-3383.