The Austrian Air Rifle Club


Monthly competition results are:  

May                                              June                             

Colin Whatman          410.2     Eileen Birrell                431.4
Larissa Kalt                  407.5     Kathleen Birrell           409.5
Alan Price                    404.8     Steve Birrell                 405.4 
The monthly competition is run with a handicap score, enabling all participants to be on an even platform.  The Air Rifle Club has a handicap programme on our dedicated computer, written by member Phil Angilley and we are very lucky to have his expertise.  Now that some of us are shooting bench rest, therefore shooting higher scores, whilst others remain standing, our handicap system needed to be able to deal with the difference – which it does, after the competitor has submitted eight scores.  The programme is easy to use and instantly gives us results meaning no matter whether we shoot sitting or standing, we can all compete in the same competition.

City of Shellharbour Air Rifle Championship  25 & 26 May Some members made a weekend of it on the Illawarra Coast with their spouses and others came just for the day to compete in the Championship competition.  For a few of our shooters it was the first time ever to shoot away from our club so it was interesting to see how another club operates.  High scores eluded majority of us on the day.  But winners were:
Singles - Larissa Kalt 3rd B grade with a score of 518
Singles Rest - Kathleen Birrell 2nd Rest 2 scoring 373 
Teams Rest - Walter Roth and Steve Birrell 3rd Rest 1 with 762.   
The rest of us will keep trying 😊

City of Fairfield Championship 15 & 16 June A
contingent of shooters organised themselves and headed to the Hubertus Club at Luddenham for this Cabramatta Club competition.  Results were very exciting for the Austrian Air Rifle Club: 
Singles standing - Steve Birrell 1st place C Grade, Kathleen Birrell 3rd place E Grade, 
Singles rest – Steve Birrell 3rd Rest 1, Colin Whatman 1st Rest 4, Hubert Habicht 2nd Rest 4
Team rest – Steve Birrell & Alan Price 2nd Rest 1, Colin Whatman, Hubert Habicht 1st Rest 4

A terrific day for all our shooters and I hear they do a good lunch at the Hubertus Clubl!

Annual General Meeting Due to travel plans by Committee members, our 2019 AGM will not be held until September. Remember to check the notice board for upcoming competitions. 

The air rifle club meets at the Austrian Club Sydney every Tuesday night at 7:30pm.

Interested in the Austrian Air Rifle Club? Please contact Danny Stasenka for details on 9975-3383.